The computer-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides a means of capturing, manipulating, analysing and presenting map-based information and satellite imagery.

GIS has applications in cadastral and topographic mapping, environmental management, urban and regional planning, forestry, agriculture, health, police, education and many others.

Among the major private sector users are marketing analysts in the finance and retail industries, mineral exploration companies, and planning consultants.

The requirements for GIS technology is growing rapidly with community demands for better land use planning, management of the earth’s resources, health facilities and control of the environment.

There are also increasing commercial demands for improved methods of accessing and analysing demographic data.


Kinabalu Era Takzim (KET) is today actively involved in:

● Sales and support of ESRI’s range of GIS software.

● Sales and support of ERDAS geographic imaging softwareSales and support of Leica’s range of survey and GPS equipment.

Sales and support of R2V raster-to-vector conversion software.

GIS application customization/ development, consulting and training.

Digital mapping services including aerial digital imaging, aerial-photo interpretation, automated topographic survey, photogrammetric mapping, data conversion from hardcopy to digital maps, digital elevation modelling (DEM), and GPS survey.

Automated mapping/facilities management (AM/FM) integrating related types of data such as raster images and CAD drawings and incorporating FM data, billing records and other information into the GIS.