The Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) offers an integrated environment for building security, building automation and other building management applications. IBMS provides efficient operation, reduces maintenance and operating costs, and improves comfort for the occupants. Among the benefits of IBMS are:

Increased reliability and reduced risk of breakdown in building services.

Increased efficiency by providing fast and accurate status of building equipment, electrical, gas, and water distribution/consumption, sewerage treatment, low voltage distribution, and security system control and monitoring.

Reduced operating cost in terms of energy used, replacement parts and labour.

● Other intangible benefits such as the increased of efficiency, improved morale and job satisfaction among personnel due to improved environmental conditions.

Our IBMS solution comprises three major subsystems, namely, integrated security & surveillance subsystem, building automation subsystem and building services subsystem.

The integrated security & surveillance subsystem provides the following key features:

• Access control and intrusion detection
• CCTV and video/voice intercom
• Door monitoring and control
• Guard tour monitoring and tracking
• Car park barrier access control
• Lift access control
• Fire detection

The building automation subsystem provides the following functions:

• Facility and maintenance management
• Environmental management
• Energy management
• Occupant safety management
• Lift monitoring

Some of the building services subsystem features are:

• Asset tagging system
• Library system
• Facilities booking system
• Time attendance system