KET provides the latest trend in multi-service networks offering advanced features such as integration of data, voice, video and multimedia over both Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN).

KET's communications and networks business can be loosely divided into three categories, ie. Switching, Computer Telephony Interface (CTI), and Structured Cabling System (SCS).

● Switching has nowadays revolutionized the networking industry by bringing higher bandwidth, better throughput and lower complexity to networking and communication.

● CTI involves making the power of today's telephone systems and products accessible, easier to use and more automated, through integration with computing devices ranging from personal digital assistants (PDAs) and desktop PCs to LAN servers.

● SCS is designed to cater for voice, data and even video application, providing an integrated, modular cabling system based upon UTP/STP copper cables and multi-mode fiber optic cables.

KET provides a full range of information technology services and products based on client-server technology. Our main areas are:

● Application development which incorporating relational DBMS, Internet/Intranet/Extranet technology, embedded GIS functionalities & features, and client/server architecture.

● IT consultancy, training & maintenance service.

● Systems integration in multi-hardware and also operating systems environment such as server clustering, mobile computing, and Microsoft & Linux interoperability.

● Document imaging and archiving and workflow systems.

● Disaster recovery system consisting of remote access, data back-up & restore devices, and data recovery applications.

● Server room preparation comprising climate control, raised flooring, security access, fire prevention and network cabling solutions.

● Strategic information system analysis and planning.